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2015 Enrolments and beyond
The process for Kindergarten enrolment has now changed. Cardinia Shire Council has worked in collaboration with the Shire’s Community Kindergartens to centralise the enrolment process.  This change will affect all enrolments and offers for attendance in 2015 and beyond.

This means that your preferences for Kindergarten places from the year 2015 and beyond will now be registered in one database and that you have one central point of contact for your enrolment enquires.  It also means that all Kindergarten offers will be managed through Council to ensure a fair and equitable allocation of places based on the policy developed in collaboration with the Community Kindergartens.

To apply for Kindergarten from 2015 onwards please visit or council’s central enrolment officer on 1300 787 624

2014 Enrolments
 The enrolment process for 2014 will remain the same. If you wish to enrol your child for a Kinder or Pre Kinder program in 2014, please download the below enrolment form and forward to Kinders Together.  Once your 2014 application is received, Kinders Together will contact you to arrange placement.
To enrol your child the following information needs to be returned to Kinders Together Assoc. Inc. Po Box 182, Garfield 3814.  Please ensure all items are included so your enrolment application can be processed.  Any missing items may result in a delay in processing of your child’s enrolment application.

Enrolments for Longwarry Preschool
Longwarry Preschool is situated in Baw Baw Shire and therefore follows the Baw Baw Shire enrolment process, please contact Kinders Together for further enrolment information.

 Kindergarten programs are funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). Children must turn four before 30th April in the year of which they are to attend Kindergarten.  Every child is eligible to receive one year of funded Kindergarten, prior to attending school although a second year maybe granted in some cases.

Pre kinder
Pre kinder is a non funded program.  Children cannot start until they turn three and must turn three before 30 April in the year of which they are to attend Pre kinder.

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