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Kinders Together is a not for profit, community based organisation providing management, licencing and employment services to Kindergartens based in Cardina Shire. Located in Victoria’s Southern region (with one member centre based in Baw Baw Shire).

Kinders Together is quickly emerging as the Kindergarten cluster manager of choice for Kindergartens in the region.  From its inception in 2006, we have enjoyed substantial growth each year, with the addition of nine member centres, to the original four centres, in the first 3 years of operation.

This growth prompted the 2009 board of Management to review the governance structure of the organisation, and culminated in an organisational restructure that allows for continued growth and provides robust management and governance for the future.  This review also saw the development of the organisations Vision and Mission statements; statements which guide the organisation in all strategic and operational functions.

A voluntary Board of Management works with the Executive Officer, and six full and part time staff to support the management and delivery of Kindergarten, pre kinder and occasional care programs at its member centres.

It is anticipated that Kinders Together will continue to attract new member centres, and will be able to broaden the provision and quality of service it provides to its staff members, member centres, young children and their families and communities.

The initial Statement of Purposes still remains the Core of why Kinders Together exists and is reflected in our Vision and Mission statements today.

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